Idealized Reminiscence

Writing about your travels once you’ve voluntarily repatriated yourself and decided to settle down differs significantly from blogging in real time about your adventures and misadventures. Reminiscing from home, you forget about the time you got pick-pocketed; had to struggle with a 50-pound backpack and a hangover; couldn’t sleep all night because of the extreme snorer in your 12-bed dorm; or when you slept at an airport using your backpack as a pillow because of a cancelled flight. All you can remember are the best times of your life—the breathtaking sights, the thrilling adventures, the excitement of culture shock, the care-free partying, and the most awesome people you’ve ever met and instantly became best friends with. So I guess writing this blog from the comfort of Winfield, Lake Country, BC—the small town that’s recently become my home—will make it an uber-positive ode to backpacking and being an expat.

So, my advice to other travellers is not to only write in their journals or on their blogs while they travel. When you’re reminiscing later in the future about your adventures, write about it. You will probably enjoy reading about these idealized memories in the future when the memory of your adventures becomes a little foggy.

As always, happy travels!
– Ala

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2 thoughts on “Idealized Reminiscence

  1. The idea of writing about travels AFTER you’ve actually finished traveling is really interesting. Our emotions and experiences are so exaggerated when we are on the road that if we don’t write them down immediately they’ll change before we remember how we felt. But still I’ve always found my best travel stories are written when I’m reminiscing about a place or trip

    • The first thing you mentioned definitely makes sense and I know that’s why most people write travel blogs WHILE they’re travelling. But since I didn’t do it then, I figured it’s better to do it now, than never :)

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